Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Prelude to a Blog

Why a Blog? Why now? What in the world am I doing here?

Well, pretty much this thing is part of a grande scheme to draw out my creative side.  She's been hiding for a while, but the shy little thing has been peeking her head around the corner for a little bit now, so I deem it safe to give her a project. Maybe she'll forget why she was hiding to begin with.

She's proven to be pretty good with little projects. Take the chalkboard at the hotel I work at--she loves that weekly exercise. Of course, what child doesn't like playing on a chalkboard? Admittedly, there's a purpose to the board, but she gets to make it pretty.  Girls like pretty things. See how the light filters through the fog? Then I bought her some pastels and we started playing at night, but only sometimes. Too much freedom for her means there's no rush; things will just take care of themselves with time.

Deadlines belong to another part of me: the cold calculator. The part that can tell you how big that bookcase is or what precise shade of red that shirt is.  Uncaring of what anyone thinks of her, she sticks with the rule-book and sees a very black and white world. This part thrives on lists and timetables, but is easily suppressed when emotions run high.

And then there's me.  Wordy and reflective and always seeking the middle ground, I thrive in the varied shades of grey. I poke and prod and seek definition.  I want to give everyone an opportunity to prove themselves and I push myself to find that place where I fit best. I brainstorm often, only to let things go as something else draws my attention, and eventually I pick a few random bits back up to see what they look like after they've had some time to rest. I am easily distracted, but rarely forgetful. My emotions ride on the surface.

So here I am, trying to find a way to make all my random bits happy. I need a project for the creative little girl and deadlines for the cold calculator and a medium where I can poke and question things to my heart's content.  I decided that a blog featuring my artwork would be a good idea, but what to talk about? Well, I'm gonna leave that part open for now.  The one promise I have is that whatever I discuss will connect in some way to the picture I choose for that week. How things connect may sometimes be a stretch, but hey, we're being creative here.

Now, what to call this thing.  From

draw out
  1. Pull out, extract, remove, as in She drew out her pen, or Let's draw some money out of the bank[c. 1300]
  2. Prolong, protract, as in This meal was drawn out over four hours. The related expression long-drawn-out means "greatly extended or protracted," as in The dinner was a long-drawn-out affair[1500s]
  3. Induce to speak freely, as in The teacher was good at drawing out the children[Late 1700s]

Sounds about perfect to me!